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Kellie Nightlinger, Wildlife Survivalist and Adventurist
Disclaimer: The information within the Wild Woman Oudoors website has been provided to its viewers with the understanding that viewers will exercise caution and care in performing any of the survival techniques or activities within this site.  Some of the activities can be dangerous.  I am a trained wilderness and survival expert. Please do not engage in these survival techniques or activities without taking proper precautions because these activities may cause serious injury or death.

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Welcome to my list of Amazing Americans:
Northern Skies
Welcome to an introduction to Northern Skies, created to provide survival gear to help people on their quest for self sufficiency in the wilderness. We encourage you to browse our product lines featuring:  paracord bracelets, paracord suspenders, bottle holders, paracord pouches, paracord rifle slings and paracord slingshots. Paracord can aid anyone in a survival situation.  These products have been field tested.  Thank you for your time.

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Purifying Water in the Wild, Water Purification, Transpiration Method
Stay tuned for future interviews with other Amazing Americans:

Dani Rutledge of Epoufette, MI - Two time breast cancer survivor and lady dairy farmer.

Andrea Everhart of Gould City, MI - Bush Plane Pilot and Holistic Medicine Expert.