Whitetail Deer Rescue

Commercial Fisherman, Kenny King from Naubinway, MI called me to report there was a whitetail deer trapped on thin ice on Lake Michigan. I got one of my sit-on-top kayaks, a rescue throw rope, my survival suit(PFD), a kayak paddle, ice picks, and my ice creepers then drove to the scene. I could hardly see the deer because it was out so far onto the glare of one inch thick ice. The ice couldn't support my weight, I donned my survival suit and ice creepers, put the ice picks in my hands, placed the paddle and rope on top of the kayak, laid on my stomach on the kayak, kicked the ice with my feet creepers, clawed the ice with my arms outstretched in front of me, and off I went. The ice cracked everywhere. It was amazing. I was so happy to help this trapped deer. I approached the deer from the rear and then slowed so, as not to start it. I doe bleated and fawn called to the deer with my mouth. I looked at her eye to eye, Her eyes blinked and I could see her pretty eyelashes. I made a large slip knot and loosely placed it over one end of the kayak paddle. I slowly moved the rope and paddle towards her. I kept calling to her to calm her. I maintained eye contact. I moved subtly. I lifted one part of the noose over her ear. I took a deep breath as I slid the noose over her second ear. I breathed a sigh of relief as I tightened the noose slowly around her neck. She stayed laying down and looked at me intently. i slowly tightened up the slack of the rope that I had tied around my waist. After the line tightened, I slowly started to pull her towards shore. She never fought. She never stood. She laid there with her legs folded neatly underneath her as if she was enjoying the ride. I sweated profusely as I pulled her weight behind me across the ice. As we got to shore, I gave directions to the helpful firefighters waiting on shore. One grabbed each ear and one the tail as the pulled her from the smooth lake ice to the higher, jagged pack ice. They helped her up onto the shore and let her go and her wobbly self wavered into the cedars. Disclaimer: The rescued animals shown here were suffering from varied ailments. I rescued them as part of my professional duties. Please check with your individual state and the federal government for rules and regulations regarding animal rescue. All animals that I have rescued were turned over to a Federal and/or State Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitation Center for their rehabilitation and release; if possible.