Fox Kit Rescue

These Fox Kits were found after their mother got killed by a car. Local citizens were trying to help so, they started befriending the kits. They placed food and water at the den site. They visited very often. Sometimes, they watched the kits for an hour. The citizens thought they were helping but, they did not know that male fox share the fox kit rearing responsibility and by them holding vigil at the den, the male wouldn't feel safe to return. The meant very well. Because of the amount of humanization they received and not knowing if the male would return, they were taken to a wonderful wildlife rehabilitator who released them back into the wild. Fox can carry diseases and often have ticks and fleas and worms. Disclaimer: The rescued animals shown here were suffering from varied ailments. I rescued them as part of my professional duties. Please check with your individual state and the federal government for rules and regulations regarding animal rescue. All animals that I have rescued were turned over to a Federal and/or State Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitation Center for their rehabilitation and release; if possible.