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Kellie Nightlinger, Wildlife Survivalist and Adventurist
Disclaimer: The information within the Wild Woman Oudoors website has been provided to its viewers with the understanding that viewers will exercise caution and care in performing any of the survival techniques or activities within this site.  Some of the activities can be dangerous.  I am a trained wilderness and survival expert. Please do not engage in these survival techniques or activities without taking proper precautions because these activities may cause serious injury or death.

Wild Woman Outdoors Videos

Welcome to Wild Woman Outdoors Adventures on Film! Kellie Nightlinger is Wild Woman Outdoors - Wildlife Survivalist and Adventurist, watch these great videos to see her latest adventures.

"Adventure at Upper Tahquamenon Falls
Kellie Nightlinger of Wild Woman Outdoors brings you to the Upper Tahquamenon Falls for an adventure not too many people have experienced.

"Adventure Shooting the Lower Tahquamenon
Kellie Nightlinger, Wildlife Survivalist and Adventurist takes you to shoot the Lower Tahquamenon Falls, located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Wild Woman Outdoors is a series of adventure and survival based videos bringing you closer to nature, "Go Wild and Get Outdoors!"

"What the Muck"
Kellie Nightlinger, Wildlife Survivalist and Adventurist of Wild Woman Outdoors takes you to the path less traveled. The forest within the Tahquamenon Falls State Park consist of virgin timbers with a thick terrain. Kellie brings you to one of the muckiest places around the park. Get Outdoors and Go Wild!!

John "The Hoss" Perry Interviews Kellie Nightlinger
John "The Hoss" Perry interviews Kellie Nightlinger of about her many adventures past, present and upcoming. Kellie is an adventurist, survivalist and philanthropist. She talks to John about her hunting, fishing, caving, Angels Among Us Youth Camp for children who have been trough traumatic events, abuse, foster care, etc... Kellie details her upcoming 5,000 mile trip to the Amazon jungle among many other great adventures.

Kellie of Wild woman Outdoors and her Sig Sauer 229 Blindfolded
Kellie Nightlinger of Wild Woman Outdoors: unloads, disassembles, assembles, and re-loads a Sig Sauer .229

Kellie Swims the Straits of Mackinac
Kellie Nightlinger is the first woman to swim the Straits of Mackinac. This is the strip of water that connects Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. It also separates the Upper Peninsula from Michigan's Lower Peninsula. Kellie swims this 5 mile journey once a year. She is a role model to local youth, the Angels Among Us Youth Camp that Kellie has founded, and her many supporters across the country.

Primitive Log Shelters
Welcome to my example for a good log survival shelter. This type of shelter has been a tradition since Native American and Early Pioneer times. I hope you enjoy my video.