Take a step back into the natural world. Get in touch with your wild side. Be all that you can be. Push yourself to new heights.

I am a Wilderness Survivalist and pure adventurist. My mission is to get you outdoors to partake in the beautiful world around you.

I have so many wild dreams that I would have to be cloned to accomplish them all. I "Carpe Diem" every day.

I hunt (most anything), fish, kayak, spelunk, cave, skijour, winter-camp, free-climb, explore, along with a long list of other activities!

"Live for the Dash!" Photo of Kellie Nightlinger swimming the Straits of Mackinac.

I will teach you what I know of the wilds of the world. I will inspire you to experience wild things. I will show you through example that you can accomplish your wildest dreams!

My goal for Wild Woman Outdoors is to: accomplish wild adventures, film, photograph and write about my wild experiences and leave a wild legacy behind.

I am like a wild sponge. I soak up everything wild and adventure-filled. I am a multifaceted Wild Woman

Angels Among Us Youth camp is an Adventure-Based Youth Leadership Camp. Activities take place outside and some are in the wilderness.

"Follow the river, follow the lake, leave no path but the one in your mind, and leave nothing but a wild legacy behind."

Dave Canterbury, star of Discovery Channel's Dual Survival, my mentoree Salvadore Schaffer, and myself at the Path Finder Gathering 2010.

Here I am with Discovery Channel's I-Caveman star Billie Berger at the Pathfinder Gathering 2010. Billie taught me how to flint knap.

John Timms and myself at the Pathfinder Gathering 2010. John has played Daniel Boone along with other historical figures for History Channel programs.

Always be prepared for the unexpected.

Skydiving over Southern Michigan for the first time while overcoming my fear of heights.